Working with Suicidal and Self-Harming Youth

Length of Workshop:1/2 dayContinuing Education Credits:4
Delivery Method:VirtualDemographic:Mental Health
Note that all workshops have room for customization


This workshop focuses on working with any and all youth who may be self-harming or suicidal. There are a lot of misconceptions about self-harm in youth, including the methods and reasons behind it. In this workshop you will learn about some of the reasons and methods behind self-harm in youth, how to approach this sensitive topic, and interventions that can be effective for treating self-harming behaviours.

We will discuss suicidality in youth and the staggering statistics behind marginalized and non-marginalized youth suicidal ideation. You will learn various approaches to working with suicidal youth to get the best outcomes possible.

Key Learnings

Understanding Self-Harm

Learn some of the reasons behind self-harm in youth and young adults. Gain a better understanding of what function self-harm serves and how to offer alternatives.

Youth Background

Gain a better understanding of youth from a developmental view to better inform your practice. Some previous experience and background working with youth is recommended.

Approaches and Outcomes

Learn about some of the most effective approaches and outcomes for working with suicidal and self-harming youth.

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