Depathologizing the Trans Community

Length of Workshop:1/2 dayContinuing Education Credits:4
Delivery Method:VirtualDemographic:Mental Health
Experience Level:BeginnerPrerequisites:N/A
Note that all workshops have room for customization


The transgender community has historically been pathologized by the healthcare system, and continues to be to this day. We will review the history of the pathologizing of the transgender community, what has changed, and where we stand today in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

You will learn about appropriate diagnoses, comorbidity of diagnoses, and the history of trans identities across different cultures. You will learn how to work with the transgender community in a way that depathologizes and validates their experiences, and offer a safe space for the trans community.

Key Learnings


Learn about the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community, including pathologizing in the mental health field and how things have changed and evolved over time.


Become an expert in LGBTQ+ terminology; with a focus on gender and sexuality terms, pronouns, and social norms.

Validation and Depathologizing

Learn how to interact with the trans community in a way that is validating and takes the emphasis off of diagnosis and pathology. Using case studies and group discussion, learn how to use these skills in a clinical setting to best support the community.