Challenging Your Unconscious Bias: Identifying, Accepting, and Challenging your Bias to Improve your Practice

Length of Workshop:1/2 dayContinuing Education Credits:4
Delivery Method:VirtualDemographic:Mental Health
Experience Level:BeginnerPrerequisites:N/A
Note that all workshops have room for customization


Everyone experiences unconscious biases in a variety of different ways. This workshop will help you better identify, accept, and challenge those biases to improve your practice and overall cultural sensitivity. You will learn ways that you can reduce your bias on an everyday basis while also creating separation between your biases and your actions.

We will focus on the LGBT, Indigenous, and POC communities, and will include education on the history and marginalization of these communities in Canada.

Key Learnings

Bias in Everyday Life

We provide an overview of what bias means in our everyday lives, including using real-world examples and group sharing. Learn how to check your biases and deal with them appropriately.


We review the history of the LGBTQ+, Indigenous, and POC in Canada. Discussion around marginalization, system prejudice, changes over time, and changes that still need to occur.

Practical Improvements

Learn how to make tangible changes in your life and your practice to be a more informed, sensitive, and effective therapist. Make the first steps towards creating a safe space for your clients.

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